Captain Elyas Kristianas of Greyhawn


My grandfather the Emperor
Was mad, as you know
Wrote poems in public.
You want war?
It's available.
-Paavo Haaviko

Captain Elyas of Shadow Greyhawn belongs to the Amber PBEM Portraits of the Past.

He is a career soldier, one of the Border Lords who protect the outskirts of the Thilyrian Empire from barbarians, invaders and the Darkshee.

As a child, Elyas was accounted a prince of the Empire, as he was the son of the daughter of the Old Emperor. However, when Elyas was twelve years old, the Old Emperor was slain by his son the New Emperor. Elyas, loyal to his grandfather, challenged his uncle's right to the throne. Despite whispers of a meeting in combat, Elyas' mother spirited him away to the Borderlands and Castle Enthrall, a bastion of Empire on the edge of the White Woods.

Elyas lived there, in constant threat of attack from three sides, for nearly fifty years. He married four times, losing two of his wives to violent attacks, one to divorce, and one to the lure of a kinder and more opulent part of the Empire.

He has trained hundreds of young boys in the service of the Empire, despite his low regard for the current Emperor. He is responsible for the deaths of thousands, and those deaths, even those of his enemies, weigh heavy on his heart and his shoulders.

He is called the Warlord and many speak in whispers of the sword that is never drawn except to deal death and the grey eyes that can see into a man's heart and mind.

As a man, Elyas is ruled by duty and honor. He has little personal ambition and does not consider himself in any way superior to others (except those he judges remiss in those two most important facets). In fact, he is haunted by the acts he has committed in service to duty, though he has told few of this fact.

Elyas' website is at [http://www.geocities.com/the_color_of_honor/index.html]

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