Beth is petite, standing at only five feet, three inches. She has a heart shaped face framed by wavy brown hair that boasts red and gold highlights and plays down her back past her waist. Her face is a heart-shape and that, combined with with over large emerald eyes, slender nose and full lips help to give her a delicate look - though looks can be deceiving.

While she is pretty, Beth has never been one to play up her looks or get into what she terms as 'girly things'. She's never liked makeup and while she will wear dresses on occasion, she much prefers the comfort and freedom that a shirt and pants or shorts will afford. She has been known to climb trees and can beat up a boy if he's causing her or someone else trouble. Yet, while she may not expose it to the world very often, Beth can have a rather feminine side. Just because she doesn't wear feminine things doesn't mean she doesn't think they are pretty, or even admire them.

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